Transportation Service

Apply For Transportation Services

Muslims in need of transportation must apply for Muslim Mobility. Only qualified single parents, couples and families may apply for transportation ownership or for transportation services. Every applicant must Complete a Needs Assessment Form in its entirety. Upon receipt of the Needs Assessment Form, a Muslim Mobility Case Manager will contact the Muslim applicant, verify the information submitted, and then complete the process to determine how Muslim Mobility will aid the applicant in acquiring transportation or assisting the applicant in fulfilling his or her or their transportation needs. All applicants may not qualify to receive a vehicle; some applicants may only need transportation assistance on certain days of the week, or to and from the masjid on jumu’ah; some applicants may be financially capable of paying a portion of the costs to obtain a vehicle and may only need financial assistance from Muslim Mobility to acquire a Muslim Mobility vehicle; some applicants may not qualify to receive a vehicle due to their physical and/or mental health conditions, vision problems, driving record, or because they are banned by the DMV from driving or owning a vehicle, or because they do not qualify financially for vehicle gifting or donation or transportation services. Inshallah, Muslim Mobility will carefully review each application and properly assess each situation and need. May Allah (swt) help us to help those in need! Ameen

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