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Nash-hadu an laa ilaaha illa Allah, wa nash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasool Allah. Mataa nasrullah? Inna nasra Allahi qareebun.

Al-Qur’an 2:214

Muslim Mobility came about after an inquiry by some prominent Muslims in the community of Las Vegas, Nevada who were seeking to aid a female widower, a single parent who was left to raise five children. She had no transportation and had to catch the bus just to seek, not get guaranteed, employment. She was thrust into her situation due to the Allah-willed but untimely death of her husband, her and her children’s sole financial provider. She had to walk to the stores, walk to take the kids to school, while pleading for help from local Muslims who have their own problems and their own lives to live. Hearing about her plight, some charitable Muslims leaped into action and asked a local Muslim automobile dealer to help them get the sister a vehicle. This was during the last 10 days of Ramadan and they were going to use some of the zakat-ul-fitr money to pay for the vehicle. This was an honorable undertaking and it would actually become sadaqah jariyah for as long as the vehicle is being used by the Muslim in the Cause of Allah and for good.

Our Movement

This sparked an idea and a movement within the ummah of Las Vegas to have single parents, couples and families who are Muslim could come forward and ask for help in acquiring reliable transportation so they can spend more quality time with their families, spend more time in their Islamic studies, duties, rites and ceremonies, spend more time worshipping Allah, and studying, reading and reciting Al-Qur’an, rather than sitting or standing at bus stops, then riding to and fro for hours while trying to maintain a family and community life and earn a decent living. Muslims that do not own transportation or have transportation at their disposal and immediate use lose valuable time that cannot be recovered. This, in turn, increases stress, anxiety, depression and hopelessness. It’s bad enough to suffer the pains and angst of life without adding to suffrage simply for a lack of a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle.

What We Do

Muslim Mobility alleviates the burden and addresses the Muslim need for Mobility that will, inshallah, increase Muslim worship of, and obedience and dedication to, Allah (swt). Those with vehicles take transportation for granted until their vehicles break down or are repossessed; they are suddenly thrust into a world of panic because they are without transportation. Their entire world changes after this and they become aware of and empathetic to those they used to mock at or overlook or feel superior to. Now they have to join the ranks of those who are on-foot daily in pursuit of an existence within the American Dream and within the land of opportunity. In America, transportation is not just a benefit, it is a must-have! Muslim Mobility wishes to make sure that every Muslim in need is able to gain his or her Mobility by acquiring adequate transportation.

Muslim Mobility is a community-supported cause and requires community donations of money and unwanted vehicles in order to support, maintain, sustain and expand the services of Muslim Mobility. Wheels Beat Heels! This is our motto and goal for the Muslims. In order to do this we offer three options to donors who wish to help in the cause of Muslim Mobility:

  1. Donate 100% of a vehicle to a qualified applicant (Muslim individual, couple or family);
  2. Donate a certain dollar amount toward ownership assistance. This financial aid helps to purchase, register, insure, fuel and maintain the vehicle;
  • Donate for Muslim Mobility to hire drivers that provide transportation services for those Muslims incapable of driving and/or owning transportation but need to get to and from appointments, school, work, shopping, the masjid, etc.

Either option is a benefit to those in need of Muslim Mobility. We screen all applicants and assign to each applicant a Case Manager who assesses and fulfills all Muslim Mobility needs that fit within our scope of services and our mission.

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