About Campaigns

We allow families to register and set up their campaigns after approval to be able to receive reliable transportation via donations. Muslims with transportation spend less time walking in the streets, waiting on buses, taxis, Uber or Lyft, and have more time for Allah, ‘ibadah, and family. Give the gift of transportation! Donate to Muslim Mobility today and put Muslims into transportation-mode tomorrow! Your sadaqah is always revolving and in motion every time a Muslim-recipient cranks and drives his or her vehicle.

How to create a Campaign

Step 1

Go to the menu and hover over “Campaigns” then go to “User Registration”

Step 2

Fill in the details accurately to create an account to be able to submit a campaign.

Step 3

Go to the menu and hover over “Campaigns” then go to “Submit A Campaign”‘

Fill in the options with the Title being your Name 

Step 4

Click on upload image and chose an image from your computer or phone to upload so donators can see who you are.

Go to Youtube.com create an account and upload a video by following the steps in this guide on how to upload a video to youtube.

Select a start date by choosing the day you are creating the campaign.

Select your location

Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions

Then hit Submit Campaign button


After that your campaign will go live and we may contact you on the email that you provided when registering if details need to be verified.

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