Financial Needs Analysis

This Needs Analysis is solely used to determine applicant’s ability to pay in-full, partially, or at all for any automobile that is part of the Muslim Mobility program. The information submitted by the applicant will only be used to assess this financial capability and to determine the actual needs of the applicant and for applicant’s need for a vehicle. All information is kept in strict confidence and is not shared, sold or circulated for any reason whatsoever.

Primary Applicant


Employment Details

Income Details

Household Expenditures

Utilities Monthly Expenses

Auto Monthly Expenses


Insurance Monthly Expenses

Health Care Monthly Expenses

Personal Care Monthly Expenses

Entertainment Monthly Expenses

Other Monthly Expenses

Primary Applicant
Premium $
Balance Due $
Life Insurance:
Health Insurance:
Home Insurance:
Renter’s Insurance:
Business Insurance:
Credit Card 1:
Credit Card 2:
Business Expenses
Business Expenses
Accounting Fees
Lease Costs
Salaries to employees
Other employee costs

Your Muslim Mobility Case Manager will contact you once your Needs Analysis has been completed and a determination of eligibility is made. You may be eligible for a full donation of a vehicle; or you might be required to pay a down payment on a vehicle and Muslim Mobility will cover the balance; or you may receive down payment assistance and then be required to make monthly payments to pay off a vehicle purchased through Muslim Mobility; or you may be denied any assistance based upon the information obtained and verified by Muslim Mobility.

To determine the most appropriate course of action, your Case Manager may need to ask you some questions about your goals and needs and the exact timeframe in which you want to achieve or fulfill them. By answering the following questions, you will help us decide how Muslim Mobility can best help you:

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