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Muslim Mobility A Community Supported Cause

Providing reliable transportation to Muslim families, widows, widowers, foster parents, and those who care for orphans. Muslims with transportation spend less time walking in the streets, waiting on buses, taxis, Uber or Lyft, and have more time for Allah, ‘ibadah, and family. Give the gift of transportation! Donate to Muslim Mobility today and put Muslims into transportation-mode tomorrow! Your sadaqah is always revolving and in motion every time a Muslim-recipient cranks and drives his or her vehicle.

We strive to help families in need for reliable transportation

Vehicles Available By Muslim Mobility

Vehicles are available to purchase for yourself or to donate to a qualifying family or to a Masjid

Transportation Assistance

Muslims in need of transportation must apply for Muslim Mobility. Only qualified single parents, couples and families may apply for transportation ownership or for transportation services. Every applicant must Complete a Needs Analysis Form in its entirety.

Support A Muslim Or Muslimah

Muslim Mobility allows Muslims to support and help a specific family or individual. Muslims voluntarily post their stories on the Muslim Mobility website, allowing donors to read and/or listen to their stories and situations. Donors can elect to personally and directly support any one or more persons in need of transportation, as opposed to making general donations to Muslim Mobility. Sometimes people get moved by a particular person’s or family’s circumstances or situations and want to help a particular individual, couple or family. Those seeking assistance are encouraged to let the Muslim community know their plight and, without shame, proudly ask for help. “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” “Ask and it shall be given unto you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened unto you!” Matthew 7:7 Yes, we Muslims are quoting from the Bible! Why? It is because Allah has given us permission to do so in Al-Qur’an, Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:4 “Al-latheena yu’minoona bi maa unzila ilayka wa maa unzila min qablika wa bil aakhirati hum yuqinoon.” Knock, knock! Open up and say “Ahh” as in “Ahhl-hamdulillah!” and “Ahhllahu Akbar!”

Support A Masjid, Markaz or Madrasah​




Muslim Mobility offers every masjid, madrasah and markaz in America the opportunity to join us to have reliable and accessible transportation available to their masjid, Islamic school and Islamic Center so that community members can either be transported for Islamic purposes of jumu’ah, ta’leem, Islamic programs, events and activities, or for children to be transported to and from school, and for temporary use whenever a Muslim or Muslimah has a car accident, a vehicle breakdown, or is suddenly left without transportation to get back and forth to work. Instead of paying money to rental companies, the Muslim or Muslimah can turn toward the masjid, madrasah and markaz and give them the same amount of money to use its transportation. This way we recycle Islamic wealth within our ummah while building stronger ties of interdependency.

Help A Family In Need

Any Muslim of any age, gender, race, nationality or ethnicity can donate money to the cause. Any amount of money, starting at one dollar ($1.00), is accepted and goes toward charity in the Cause of Allah (sadaqah fee sabeelillah). At any time of day or night, donations are accepted and used to purchase, repair, supply, and transfer ownership of used vehicles to Muslim individuals, couples and families that qualify for the gift of transportation.

Donate A Car

We take vehicle donations to help out needy families who struggle with transportation.

Donate Money

We use money donations to help families with the process of owning a vehicle to fulfill their transportation needs.

Volunteer Services

Muslim Mobility is seeking volunteers to work, whenever and as available, to perform vehicle inspections and valuations, conduct needs assessments, to answer email and USPS mail inquiries, and volunteer as drivers to take qualified Muslim recipients to and from jumu’ah, ta’leem, medical and dental appointments, essential shopping, and authorized excursions or outings that inure to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the individuals, couples and/or families.


We seek to employ muslims to complete tasks that help our cause. Click below to learn more

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