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Muslim Mobility Donation Program

Muslims need your help

Any Muslim of any age, gender, race, nationality or ethnicity can donate money to the cause. Any amount of money, starting at one dollar ($1.00), is accepted and goes toward charity in the Cause of Allah (sadaqah fee sabeelillah). At any time of day or night, donations are accepted and used to purchase, repair, supply, and transfer ownership of used vehicles to Muslim individuals, couples and families that qualify for the gift of transportation. Give out of what you love for yourself and spend it in the Cause of Allah; HE (swt) will return your investment back to you two-fold or more and reward you in ways that you cannot even imagine or even see the rewards coming.

Give today and as often as you can to Muslim Mobility!


How Donations Are used

  • Funds are used to cover the costs of our mission. Included in the use of funds is the payment of salaries and overhead. Just like any institution, overhead, licenses, permits, insurance, rent or lease, utilities, fuel, employees, etc. come with doing business. Even though we are a non-profit, just like the masjid, Islamic center, Islamic school, American Red Cross, Islamic Relief, or any other non-profit organization, Muslim Mobility has to pat the costs of doing business and providing services to those in need. So a portion of all monies received is used to cover these costs. We are keeping it real, sahih, 100, mia fil-miati, and transparent with our Muslim brothers and sisters and any people who donate money or vehicles to Muslim Mobility.
  • Funds are used to fix and repair vehicles that are gifted/donated to qualified applicants.
  • Funds are used to assist recipients to register, insure and maintain their vehicles, as needed.
  • Funds are used to pay drivers to drive qualified applicants around to medical and dental appointments, shopping for necessities, and to and from Islamic services, and when applicable, to and from outings that inure to the psychosocial benefit of the Muslim/Muslimah or family.
  • Donated vehicles are:
  1. Given to and legally transferred to successful applicants;
  2. Sold to the general public in order to raise money for the cause;
  3. Placed in the Muslim Mobility motor-pool and used to provide “in-house” transportation services for qualified applicants as described in the previous bullet point.


All of the funds and vehicles donated to Muslim Mobility are precisely recorded and tracked. Our books are available for scrutiny by any donor or any regulatory agency or governmental entity. We do everything fee sabeelillah wa bi ithnillah, so we have absolutely nothing to hide. We answer directly to Allah, Al-A’laa, The Highest Authority in the Heavens and Earth!

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